About Azumo

We created Azumo to help companies of all sizes build intelligent applications and bots. We are a growing software development services company based in San Francisco.  We develop chatbots based on our customizable tool set we call Mo. We also build intelligent applications as a service for customers globally.  We are passionate about using machine learning, natural language processing and AI to power our customers' digital transformation initiatives.

We deliver our cost-effective services through our talented team of US and Latin American product managers, designers, and developers. Our customers have taken advantage of our tools such as Mo and myNLU to build their intelligent applications. We have successfully worked with many companies, from emerging start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, helping them build amazing software products.

big data

Data Engineering

Smarter applications start with data, we understand and have used the building blocks like Hadoop, Spark, Mongo, Scala and Python that create insightful experiences.



Chatbot development

Emerging conversational interfaces enable you to interact with users in powerful new ways, we’ve built messaging apps and bots and know what it takes to make them successful.


artificial intelligence

intelligent applications

We are passionate about using machine learning and artificial intelligence to build conversational interfaces, bots, and intelligent applications


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