Video: How to Master IBM Watson Conversation Service

When creating conversational software experiences, one of the most important components of the product involves natural language understanding (NLU). A great NLU component can make a difference in the conversation flow between bots and users. There are many tools available for designing, implementing and improving the language model, but one stands out given the research prowess behind it: the Conversation service inside the IBM Watson platform.

We were fortunate enough to host an evening with IBM Watson for our community of bot developers. In this video, Mitch Mason, product manager for IBM Watson Conversation service, walks us through the best use cases and tips on implementing language models and integrating those with your conversational product. 

Even better he spent an hour fielding questions, sharing his views, and providing tips on how to put Watson Conversation service and much more within Watson to work to build unique conversational experiences, chatbots, and voicebots for customer service, commerce and more.