Video: Panel Discussion on Speech, NLP and Chatbots

We’ve been following the chatbot opportunity closely for some time now and regularly host events to discuss some of the challenges and topics impacting the market.

In July, we moderated a panel on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and chatbots.

We had a great set of guests including the Chief Scientist of Speech R&D at Microsoft. Chatbots are a key part of Microsoft growth strategy.

If you are still trying to understand just how much interest there is in solutions focused on NLP, know that, in less than one year, roughly 50,000 companies have started using Microsoft’s LUIS (July 2016). Their NLP platform.

Watch a smart group of panelists from companies focused on conversational interfaces and chatbots:

  • Christina Apatow — VP Client Solutions, at Google
  • Xuedong Huang — Chief Scientist of Speech R&D, Microsoft
  • Tony Lucas — Founder,
  • Anthony Kesich — at Facebook
  • Laurel Hart — Artificial Intelligence Engineer, PullString
  • Mitchell Mason — Dialogue Service Product Manager, IBM Watson

You can find a transcript of the discussion here.

Special thanks to Felipe Collin for live streaming the event and sharing the video.
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Chike Agbai