What is a Chatbot

what is a chatbot

A chatbot is a computer program or software that simulates human conversation. 
They are designed to process language, either spoken or text, and perform predefined actions. Some AI-based chatbots are already pervasive and may already be in your home like Alexa or in your pocket like Siri.
1. Some chatbots are programmed with multiple-choice scripts that lead to specific scenarios
2. Other chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a more “human” experience. 
In any case, the goal of either format is the same: to provide users with a personalized content experience.
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Chatbot Messaging Platforms

These highly flexible programs operate inside personal messaging platforms where customers have ongoing conversations with their friends, colleagues or the bot itself. Examples of these messaging platforms include Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, Slack, Skype, Kik, and Telegram. Bots have the power to displace the modern mobile experience.


Chatbot Uses Cases

Chatbots give brands the opportunity to seamlessly insert themselves into the places where their audience is already communicating. With the help of these messaging platform and chatbots, users can take certain actions such as: 

  1. Schedule meetings
  2. Make reservations
  3. Buy goods and services
  4. Resolve customer service issues
  5. Get the news
  6. Play games

All without having to stop what they are doing to download, install or open a different app or webpage.
Users only see that they are able to continue their conversations without interruption, this fast growing technology is making it possible for brands to support hundreds or thousands of personal conversations with their customers. 
There’s a Chatbot in Your Future

As messaging platforms continue to add business-friendly functionality and ease their restrictions around marketing, more brands will realize how these platforms help drive customer engagement and deepen customer loyalty. 
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