What is a Chatbot



By the end of April 2017 there were 100,000 chatbots available in Facebook Messenger. There are thousands of more chatbots in other platforms like Kik, Slack, and Skype. You might be wondering:  why so many chatbots? what do they do?

With improvements on technology that can make chatbots true conversational agents, there are a lot of expectations on the potential for AI chatbots and their impact on brands and user interactions. Thus it is important to understand what is a chatbot. This white paper provides a general overview for chatbots. With non-technical language you will learn:

  • What can a bot do, winning chatbot use cases
  • Chatbots benefits for your business
  • How to design a bot experience and conversation flow
  • Chatbot design elements 
  • Chatbot and voicebot building blocks
what is a chatbot.jpg